Meet your yoga teacher Lana
With her love and devotion to Yoga, Lana has found her life purpose and obsession!

Lana, being born and raised in the country of Belarus, moved to the states several years ago. Lana started Yoga for many reasons and in return her yoga journey saved her life! After years of her own self practice, Lana devoted her lifestyle to training and preparing to teach others Yoga! She found herself wanting to provide her talents and skills as a gift to others, but also to guide others on their journey into and through Yoga! At this very moment Lana knew she had to bring LANA MOVEMENT to life!

"I have been told that my gentle voice and technique make it especially easy for people that are beginning yoga to not feel threatened or scared. Watching people grow and progress one day at a time makes my life feel whole."

Lana's process involves helping you feel better and become healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through the healing powers of Yoga.

LANA MOVEMENT's method, if should you feel called, is a complete proven system that analyzes yourself in any situation physically, emotionally and spiritually. LANA MOVEMENT can custom tailor a program of Yoga, meditation, nutritional eating plan and healing that is designed special for you and your journey to healing mind, body, and spirit.

Everyone is uniquely different, and I want to provide that quality to my programs with each one of you.

"It's my calling and life purpose to help you find your way through Yoga as I did"!

Feel free to contact LANA MOVEMENT for any questions you may have