Hi! My name is Lana. I’m a yoga teacher in New York City
I enjoy helping my students to find a balance through breath, physicality, and dynamic movement
About Lana Movement
Explore with me the art of flexibility training. We will work with whole body to explore our end ranges of motion with focus on ranges of motion that are needed in our daily lives. Class will include a full body warm up before moving through drills to improve strength, flexibility and skills related to full body mobility.
Meditation & Mindfulness
Meditation is not removing yourself from this world and going into a world if nothingness. It is active participation in beginning to understand ourselves. Who we are? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why can I not quiet my mind? These questions we need to answer. For this reason, we need to meditate. It is absolute essential for life.
Through over 1000 hours of teaching, and positive feedback from different students I realized that I had to bring Lana Movement to life.

Lana Movement can custom tailor a program of Yoga, meditation, nutritional eating plan and healing that is designed special for you and your journey to healing mind, body, and spirit.
Vinyasa, Hatha, Therapeutic Yoga and Auyrveda, Yoga Nidra. Yoga is not only improves your strength, flexibility and mental health, but may reduce inflammation and boost immunity. Yoga aligns the mind with the body, it combines physical postures, breathing techniques and relaxation.
*private sessions will have a 15 minute free consultation.
One-on-one practice gives you an opportunity to accommodate your schedule, work towards your intentions and goals.

It is only your class, where I see you, correct you and create practice especially for you, whether you have or ever had any injuries, want to gain beginner experience in a safe environment or advance your yoga skills.

Private class can be held both online and offline.
Private classes
Group classes
Group classes bring people together through movement and breath, building shared energy. It provides the perfect opportunity to work together towards a common goal. It’s fun!

Yoga studio also is a great place to meet like-minded people. Here is where you can find my group classes:
With over 10 years of teaching experience, I make my students feel comfortable, while providing them with an engaging and effective practice.
Choose what works for you
Lana’s classes are always the most challenging yet rewarding sessions. She’s one of the best yoga teachers I’ve gotten to practice with. Between her uplifting attitude and helpful adjustments during class, I always feel my yoga practice improving.

I never knew that yoga can be so helpful. I thought it’s more for girls for nice time spending. Since I started working from home spending 8 hours sitting in front of computer my spine,neck,hands were sore. My wife recommend Lana as private teacher. It is amazing. Stress release,nice stretching,meditation-all in one. This is something that you must have. Great person. Very professional. You are in good hands.

Igor Shepelev
Everyone is uniquely different, and I want to provide that quality to my programs with each one of you.
Classes Reviews
How I discovered yoga
The story behind
I grew up in Belarus dancing, and I worked for many years in Minsk as an actress. Some years ago, I moved to Los Angeles to continue acting, but I wasn't satisfied with that work. In fact, overall, I wasn't satisfied with my life.

I was stressed and depressed. I went deep into different types of spiritual work, and I took many medicines. I almost lost myself.

When I discovered yoga, it saved my life. I realized my purpose.

Since then I've trained over 1000 hours in many styles of yoga. I study acro, flexibility, meditation and anatomy, and I share my knowledge. I have taught in numerous studios in NYC, LA and Florida, leading classes, workshops, corporate events, and many private lessons online and offline.

I enjoy helping my students find balance through breath, physicality, and dynamic movement.

In my free time I enjoy practicing acrobatics, pole dancing and attending movement festivals. I read books and care about sustainability.

I believe that movement is a great way to find balance and create a better relationship with the body.
I’m forever grateful to all my mentors and teachers: Shraddhasagar, Garth Hewitt, Mokshapriya Shakti, Isaak Peña, Sean Langhaus and Emily Lesinski, and every student who has given me a daily lesson. Thank you for being here.

Om shanti
Group Classes Schedule
Time | Yoga style | Level | Location
12:30PM | Vinyasa | All Levels | Yoga SPA
7:30PM | Vinyasa | Int/Adv| BABYCOBRA YOGA
9PM| Slow Flow+Yoga Nidra | All levels |BABYCOBRA YOGA
12.30PM | VINYASA | All levels | YOGA SPA
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